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Internet Traffic Red Lights To Look Out For

Having a website or blog of your own puts you in control of something that can become bigger than you had imagined, or it can languish in irrelevance depending on how well you do the job of attracting readers.

It’s all about traffic – a word we have been using for years to describe vehicles on public roads, and therefore it makes a lot of sense when describing internet visitors.

What webmasters and businesses need to do to ensure the success of their website is to direct traffic to their website by giving people a reason and a chance to visit their website, or by purchasing web traffic (which is often the best way for a brand-new site, or one for which other methods have failed).

Purchasing web traffic is also inexpensive when compared to other forms of marketing available, and unlike the others it is also 100% guaranteed to result in traffic to your site.

Don’t Use A Traffic Reseller Who Uses Shady Tactics or You Will Regret It…

There are a few things you need to be aware of when purchasing traffic – ignore them and you might find yourself banned by Google and others, and in some cases even publicly named.

You must ensure that the web-traffic service provider that you select does NOT use hidden pixels or frames, which is a tactic used by many traffic services (but not ours – our traffic is seen by REAL people, and is produced by purchasing high-traffic domains and directing the traffic they attract to our customers websites).

Another thing you need to be careful of is porn or illegal website traffic – many traffic resellers will use pop-ups or pop-under ads to generate your traffic and which are placed on very high traffic sites, such as porn or warez sites. Again, these can result in serious problems for you & your website, and it may take years to repair / remove a ban.

If that’s not bad enough, very few of those visitors are probably likely to ever visit your site, as most visitors will often just close pop-ups /pop-unders immediately (…..I’m also speaking from personal experience – but I don’t think I’ve visited any sites via  pop-ups / pop-unders in the last 2 years, and chances are that you haven’t either – probably because they are highly annoying and or you use software to block them…..). The other problem with pop-ups / unders is that even when closed & un-visited, the poor webmaster is still charged for the “visit”, and he could well find that despite having 1,000’s of additional new “visitors” to his website he still hasn’t made any additional sales…..

Money you spend on marketing should be spent wisely, and needs to show results. Eyeballs (page views) do not equal sales.

If The Traffic Reseller Is Being Vague About Traffic Sources  – RUN!!!

If the traffic reseller doesn’t provide you with clear information on how & where the traffic is coming from, then RUN.  Leave immediately, as it’s just not worth the risk, and any reputable traffic seller will always ensure that such vital information is readily available & they will probably promote this aspect of their service heavily, too.

Targeted Traffic Is Much Better Than Un-Targeted….

Look, I don’t want to sound like I’m saying it just to squeeze some additional money out of you, but it should be fairly obvious even to a newbie that targeted traffic is statistically far more likely to end in a desired result for you, as opposed to un-targeted traffic. The targeted traffic should ensure that the visitors sent to your site have a high chance of being interested in your particular niche or come from an area or location that you have specified – It’s no use getting 1000’s of cheaply priced traffic consisting of male visitors from India if, for example you run a baby clothes website which only ships goods within the US….. It’s not rocket science that targeted traffic which was aimed at new mothers or who reside in the US would have a much better result, and would provide a much better ROI (Return On Investment).

Remember – Sometimes cheapest isn’t always the cheapest in the long-run…….

Not All Back-links Are Created Equal…..

You can also put a serious crimp in your traffic statistics by placing links on irrelevant sites. You should try to not link to websites which are not relevant to your particular niche (…..however they can still be in a completely different niche , but they should still be within a niche that compliments your own niche – so for example  our SEO, Online Business or Web Hosting website links would compliment this traffic services website very well….).

Get your website or link seen by people who have a reason to be interested, and providing that you’ve also done everything else right (….by providing good & useful content, useful products or services, well-priced or competitive pricing, a well designed & easy to navigate website,  etc…..) then for a small monthly outlay for purchasing targeted traffic you should in return be able to attract more sales, (plus steady sales), and hopefully returning traffic too.

It is obvious that the more promotion you do for a website the better chance you have of attracting lots of traffic. Of course, this does not mean that more promotion equals more traffic. It would be truer to say that better promotion leads to more traffic. Get a reputation as a spammer and you could end up with some pretty poor stats, and most likely banned by your web-host or possibly even your affiliate partners as well.

Doing something seldom but doing it well is far better than doing it frequently and badly. And of course, doing something well AND doing it frequently is the very best advice of all.

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