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Whether you need 1000 signups in less than a month or 25 signups in a few days, our speed is unsurpassed in every way. With our “Guaranteed Signups” service, (GSU) you only pay for the users who sign up to your website or newsletter etc.

Note: There are strict conditions for approval with the Guaranteed Sign Up service – please read our section below, “Types of Websites Allowed”…

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How It Works

People who are interested in our advertisements are taken to a link page containing links to popular business opportunity programs.

When a user clicks a link, they are directed to a GSU members site through a special script. This script monitors the visitors progress through the GSU members site.

If the visitor decides to sign up for a program, our script will capture the information submitted to the member through their website and place a copy of this information on our server. This information is held as proof of delivery so that our GSU member can then verify this lead once they log into their Web-Traffic-Services.com members stats area.


Visitors are in no way enticed or rewarded for signing up for a GSU program. Visitors can feel free to sign up only for the information they deem valuable. In fact on average only 5% of our visitors ever sign up for a program and only 2% sign up for more than one program. For this reason we must push millions of advertisements across many networks to bring the people in to review GSU sites.

Types of Websites Allowed

There are some stipulations on what types of websites that can be used with the guaranteed signups program.

If you follow the general outline below, we can usually run your campaign.

  • Is the product related to home based business, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) , network marketing or a general interest in generating income?
  • Is there a place to signup for a free offer?
  • Is the signup process simple (one page only)?

If you answered yes to ALL these, than there is really no reason why a campaign would be rejected.

In the future we may expand the GSU service to cover other areas of interest, but currently only those types of businesses that are listed above are eligible for this service.

GSU Guarantee.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that the sign ups are from genuine people interested in learning more about your product or service. We guarantee the email address to be 100% fully deliverable. If an email can not be delivered to the address, then we will gladly remove the sign up and credit the account.

Rush Orders (Optional Extra)

A rush order ensures that a certain campaign is put into top rotation. Rush orders are ideal for when you urgently need to run a campaign promotion or are just in a hurry. Rush orders will receive a larger percentage of available advertising space to ensure a speedy delivery time. While normal campaigns take an average of 30 days to complete, rush orders take between 10 – 14 days to complete.

Rush orders come at an additional cost. In order to make an order a rush order, you will need to purchase an additional, equal amount of rush credits to the amount of GSU credits that you will buy to set up the campaign. So, a GSU order of 50 will require an additional 50 rush credits as well in order to be activated as a rush order. You will also need to select the “Make Rush Order” check box during the set up process.

Click here for more Details about RUSH Orders for GSU’s
To purchase GSU’s please visit our GSU Pricing & Purchase Page

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