How it Works

How it Works: What Is Targeted Traffic and How Does It Work?

Targeted Traffic - How It WorksTargeted traffic is pre-qualified traffic that is sent directly to your website through one or more mediums. Our traffic can be targeted by a particular niche category AND by country.

There are a number of companies out there that provide targeted traffic services but the real value of our service is in the quality of the traffic that we provide and the targeting options we offer.


Are there any extra / hidden costs?

With our Web-Traffic Packages, there are NO EXTRA or HIDDEN COSTS required.

Our targeted traffic packages include ADDITIONAL FINE-TUNING TARGETING ABILITIES, allowing you to target your web traffic by 100+ categories, 200+ countries & even targeted by time-zone in the USA & Canada, ALL AT NO EXTRA COST!!


How many targeting categories are there?

Over 100 targeting categories and over 200+ country options including United States, Canada, South America, Australia and UK, you pay one flat rate regardless of how deep the targeting.

Poorly optimized traffic isn’t going to produce sales, only visits…..

Poorly optimized traffic or traffic that has been harvested through open space platforms isn’t going to produce sales, only visits.

Buying Web Traffic Is Very Cost-Effective

Purchasing qualified, targeted traffic can also be MUCH cheaper than buying other forms of advertising or marketing for your site, and will produce much better results. For only $10 you could buy much more traffic than you would get for the same amount spent on banner or Google ads…

At we believe in providing our clients with the most qualified and responsive traffic available. We accomplish this by utilizing FULL PAGE pop-under technologies to display your website or landing page whenever a visitor exits from one of our industry specific websites. This process ensures that every visitor is qualified and given a fair opportunity to explore your website or landing page. By delivering qualified website traffic to your website or landing page, we can assure you that your website traffic will be of the highest quality and provide for the highest conversion rate possible. We live up to our reputation and work diligently towards your success.

Timed Delivery = Less Strain On Your Web Host Server

You will also be pleased to know that our targeted traffic is delivered over a pre-determined interval of time to ensure that each of our clients receives traffic that is of the highest integrity while avoiding sudden spikes in traffic which might otherwise cause an undesirable work load on our client’s websites.

Timed delivery benefits businesses of all calibers as it also provides for the ability to efficiently process and handle sales in a timely manner. Our advertising platform can deliver up millions of unique visitors per month and we’re always expanding our reach.

Our Traffic Service Features Overview

  • 100% genuine visitors
  • 100% Geo-targeted traffic. Choose from over 200+ different countries
  • Choose from over 100+ targeted categories
  • Traffic campaign setup within 24-Hours from when you launch it
  • Monitor your traffic and view stats from our control panel
  • Our extensive network of niche websites delivers qualified traffic
  • Qualified traffic is delivered directly to your landing page
  • No monthly fees, or hidden charges
  • Competitive rates
  • Volume discounts
  • 100% reliable and experienced support
  • Full Page displays, (not hidden pixels or frames like some other traffic providers)