Do You Have A Newsletter Visitors Can Subscribe To?

Do You Have A Newsletter Visitors Can Subscribe To?

One of the most important aspects of attracting people to try out, and continue using any product (or website) is to give them a constant reminder that it exists and it is enjoyable (….but don’t overdo it – too much and you risk annoying them & then possibly unsubscribing). If you have a website to attract people to, then this can provide a challenge. People have to first take the decision to visit a website, and this often makes for a tough conundrum. There are certain things that you can do to keep it in people’s attention simply by putting it in front of them – but whether it is by clicking a link or typing a URL, in the end people still have to decide to visit a website.

But when a Newsletter is sent to your inbox then, as long as you are interested in the subject matter, you are liable to open the email. Once you have opened the email, you are likely to keep reading as long as the content is brief enough to be read in the time it takes to read a standard email. However, if you want people to keep reading those newsletters, it is worth giving them a reason to do so.

Keeping the reason to open and read that newsletter in people’s minds is your biggest challenge – many people choose to do so by continually having special offers. If each newsletter contains an order code (coupon) that allows the individual to get money off a product, or tips to work on a specific problem etc, then usually people will keep reading it – and if you include a link to your site, they are liable to continue visiting.

Another tip is to make sure you use good titles for your articles – you would be surprised what a difference this alone can make. Try to make the titles catchy or interesting, or even witty providing you can pull it off  (…humor is actually the most difficult thing to successfully achieve in advertising and marketing campaigns….). Your titles should also be appropriate for your target audience & corporate image (….so a smutty or crude title would not be suitable for a business website. That said, one of the most popular & visitor-attracting articles on one of our other websites was titled “ gets caught with it’s pants down!” – it was about how we went live before the website was actually finished due to advice from a hired “expert”,  who’d assured us that we’d be fine to go live with an unfinished website because no-one would even find us/bother visiting the site etc – advice which proved to be hugely wrong…)

As for which Newsletter Software to use, that will depend on your budget, your needs and perhaps also the type of website or CMS (Content Management System) you choose for your website. There are plenty of free Newsletter plugins available, and even free Newsletter Services (such as “MailChimp” although there will be limits with the free services, such as the number of subscribers allowed).

You also need to decide whether your server environment can handle the D.I.Y. newsletters – if you have a large number of subscribers it could cause problems for you & your web host, in which case you will need to use a Newsletter Service, such as AWeber, Get Response, or some other similar paid newsletter / mass-mailing service.

Using a Newsletter Service also has other benefits too – in your Newsletter Service dashboard you will likely have many tools at your disposal which can help make your job easier and or faster than is otherwise possible, and any bounce-backs and other problems should also be easier to identify and manage. And if you have multiple websites, or many subscribers, then it will also be much easier to manage your list(s) all in one place by using a paid Newsletter Service.